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The State of LA v. Brian L. Pope

  1. City marshal’s emails requested 10_8_15
  2. 2015.10.15 – City marshal denies request for emails
  3. 2015.12.14 – Marshal Pope denies his original sin
  4. 2016.01.04 – Our Dissembling City Marshal
  5. 2016.03.22 – IT expert shows definitively Pope tried to cover his tracks
  6. 2016.03.23 – The unaccountable Lafayette city marshal – a timeline
  7. 2016.03.24 – Marshal Brian Pope sentenced to jail time and thousands in fines
  8. 2016.12.01 – POOYIE
  9. 2016.12.01 – Marshal Pope’s ex-attorney, Middleton, indicted for perjury
  10. 2016.12.05 – Marshal Pope indicted for paying legal fees with public funds

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Louisiana Public Records Law

Louisiana public records law is a powerful tool that shines a light on the public’s business and information. This 13 minute overview will introduce you to the basics from the perspective of records custodians, record requesters and litigants.

There are three potential client groups that can utilize public records; Custodians, Requestors, and Litigants.

1) Overview

a) Definitions

i) Public record
ii) Custodian
iii) Exclusions & exceptions

b) Viewing

i) May request identification, age and sign register
ii) Produce records immediately if available
iii) No charge

c) Copying

i) Written request
ii) Reasonable charges
iii) Written response if not immediately available

(1) Three days by statute
(2) Five days to avoid enforcement penalties

d) Enforcement

i) Attorney fees and costs are mandatory after five days
ii) $100 per day penalties and damages if delay is unreasonable, arbitrary or capricious
iii) Custodian personally liable for fees, costs, penalties & damages

e) Judicial action

i) Ordinary or summary proceeding
ii) Declaratory action, mandamus, injunction & contempt
iii) Priority and preference thru appeal

f) Jurisprudence

i) Copeland v Copeland – sealed court records
ii) Shane v The Parish of Jefferson- personal right to privacy
iii) The Independent v Lafayette City Marshal Brian Pope – Contempt & persons

2) Tips

a) Read the entire statute – LRS 44:1 et seq
b) Be specific – avoid “any and all”
c) Be practical – what do you really need
d) Be courteous – do not play “gotcha”
e) Keep photocopies of all communications and requests

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